• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 12
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Ocean of Deference

You come to me on salt crusted knees, your green
eternity throbbing against my cold ephemera

as my vision moults in a reverse alchemy
that corrodes your gold to velvet pitch,

you bring your unending pretensions to
godliness, you question my faith, what will you

be without my perception, how will you measure
your foreverness without my fleeting gaze,

who leaves and who remembers, who bears more
the visceral rub of the changing moon, know that

I am the child of an imploded star, a burst of
causal consciousness, yet you who swallow

rivers and corrupt rain, you who bed the sun
and awaken time, who will wait for you on these

naked shores when I am gone, who will tell you
what your wetness really means?