• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 01
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I see one wall appears to covered with poorly glued down crumbled brown paper. The skirting boards are deep. I have heard witnesses are unreliable unless trained. Who trains witnesses? The flooring might be lino or close-tufted cheap nylon carpet. A slate-topped table is the resting place of a single glove. Mink? Slim hand? The other wall is grey has several gloves displayed by matching pair. Some have cuffs, all are block colours no patterns. There is a man, wearing white cuffed, blue gloves, denim jacket, dark trousers and completes this dress with a questioning look on his face. I have just noticed that one pair of gloves on the wall have a star on each of the cuffs. There is a portrait of another man on one of the walls, he is staring out of the picture. He may be a real person, who knows, but he clearly has an opinion about the man and his situation at the top of the stairs. Some facts are unknown. The tide could be coming in. It might be an improvisation. It is the draft of a first chapter in a heroic quest to save the remaining unicorns on a carousal ride in Reno.