• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 02
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Nuvens or The Wild Clouds

Chapter I

Wild clouds,
Above and beyond,
Like time, always passing me by…

Wild clouds tearing the blue inked sky.
Expanding into mushroom shapes,
Cauliflower bushes pushing the earth,
White bears holding onto plastic icebergs,
Floating foams in a bubble bath.

You twirl and spin,
Emerging above the sunset,
Life is high and low,
Your shapes filled with liquid droplets and frozen crystals,
Encounters and goodbyes.

Wild clouds,
Cotton wool scattered along the sky,
Sometimes in perfect lines,
Letting through a river of light (the milk way)
Your wilderness,
Vast and infinite,
No beginning or end,
No destination or starting line.

Wild clouds,
Curls of light playing on the wave's crest,
Flying angels in slow-motion,
With open wings,


Nuvens or The Wild Clouds

I wish to see your eyes
Hidden under your shadows,
Gazing straight into mine.

Mysterious beings,
Going to mysterious places,
I want to hear the sound of your voice in the blowing wind.
Bring me stories from my distant home,
Whisper me tales from faraway and beyond,
The oceans and the mountains,
Flying high and low,
Bring me news from the land I left behind,
When I was still a child.

Wild clouds,
In your mysterious ways…
Bring me back the light,
That once illuminated my path.

Chapter II

Wild clouds,
Blind wild horses running across the fields,
Bold eagles piercing the sky,
No one can follow your steps
Lie and true,
Bird’s eye view,
Watch me,
From above,
All look the same.

How can we escape from fate?
The wind carries the clouds
To places that they may not want to be.

They accept their fate,
Light painting their curves with half shades
Sewing together,
Patches of light and darkness
White and grey,
Life goes on
(Under their shadows)
Without asking where they come from,
Or where they are going to.

Wild clouds,
Shining light,
Jewels of the crown,
Scattered in the golden sky.

Ghosts dancing around your void.

There you lie,
Beyond my reach (bellow the sky),
Under the dark shadows of twilight
I’m flying over,
Your hidden lies.
Soon, I will be lying,
Next to your smile…