• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 06
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Give me limits: sentence them
in formulas, paragraphed
as explanations I can
understand. Tell me numbers
that place my coordinates
in this endless time and space.
Give me proof that I’m alive.

Give me something new to see:
draw vast expanses that curve,
abstract yet real, imagined
and complex, self-evident and
true. Make fresh geometries,
variable and unsolved.
Give me shared infinity.

Give me clouds and rainy days:
hide the remainders behind
calculated cold fronts, storms
without algorithms, points
that exist without a line.
Save the secrets, unrevealed.
Give me magic in extremes.

Don’t bend my spirit with odds:
scoop my molecules and put
them back together again.
Hold improbability
at the center; maximize
common denominators.
Show me the spectrum beyond.