• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 08
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nudes with poppies, revisited

an ad post for art class - nude models wanted for figure and gesture practice drawing - fifty dollars an hour. a naturalist, closeted, excited. posing to flaunt or immortalize curves and muffin tops? preoccupations with nuances between inspiration and thievery. what is the purpose of pivot points? locations of crossing. virginia woolf had an affinity for vanessa bell - full blooded sibling or half? what is relation but prescription of genetic obsessions. as nessa experimented with geometric abstractions on oil on canvas, virginia mirrored woolgathering in her narrative plots. convinced that she will never be good enough, but now, more famous. vegetation of negatives dictates facial features or perhaps the lack of emotions. self-portraits are not quite as satisfying as being captured in amateur pencil sketches. the self is too generous or not enough. lead swirls and swerves. a prominent nose in pastel is still overbearing. a straw hat to distract receding hairlines. nudists are cloth-less - to summon articles, only to present their absence. eyes lilt to the lighthouse, to bloomsbury gatherings. to view self as tessellations, descending, breast bare.