• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 09
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Now you see it now you don’t

I walked past at first, that's when it hit me that was just the colour I needed for the bedroom d├ęcor. I walk back saying to myself do you think they would miss a piece? they must have spares somewhere. Now I am convinced I have to have a piece, I lift the smallest one first, feeling the warmth of the wood looking closely realising it would be far to hard to match up with such a small specimen so I put it down. The next one was a bit bigger that was a bit more like it, but of course if I had more than one piece I could put a piece in every bag I have so I could match it no matter what I was wearing or what bag I had with me. With one fell swoop they are all in my bag, chuckling as I run the road. I am late for my appointment I know I will have to confess but as they say once a kleptomaniac always a kleptomaniac.