• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 08

Nothing More Is Permitted On The Tenth

big brother and me, teens

made our way to the church
most every Sunday morning

smart caps
pristine uniforms
Mom-shined shoes

passed the Bird & Dog Fancier
biggest pet store in town
pressed noses to the window
to see animals of our dreams

with eyeballs to eyeballs
sadness and pleas
them hoping for a home
them wishing to family
at folks just like us

but in the apartment
our humble home
tenth level
east facing
no more is permitted
than our family of four


Nothing More Is Permitted On The Tenth

no birds
no critters
no reptiles
no fish
no more siblings
no extended family
or even kin folk

though by last fall
the pet store closed
all windows boarded
metal padlock on the door
no fancier in sight
all wildlife must have gone
off to a new life but
not up on the tenth