• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 05


She was watching a murmuration the other day,
following shapes that bent then scattered
on the wind.
Noting down the numbers for her maths.
Later, the rain poured down
on pigeons, demanding her
as if there was nowhere else to go,
nothing else to do.
The dog would tell them off,
She's busy! She's busy!
Getting the tea,
while unnoticed,
silverfish scatter on the counter,
spiders hide in webs like
building sites.
Later on it's all about,
some moths,
from the mouth of the man who knows,
the garden and the grubs.
Maybe some day,
the hoover will work,
the world will renew,
and she can have peace and quiet,
to write about the world,
on a blank screen
that glows like the sun.
on a day without fuss,
mess and nonsense.