• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 02
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not your time

I thought that you had left me

a knot had tightened in the pit of my stomach
with each passing minute

you smiled wearily
and said that you had gone to the edge

the edge of what I asked softly

the edge of time you said
where it is neither day nor night

you were floating you said
in a state of lucidness
neither fully awake nor deeply asleep

I wondered curiously
what it would be like to be on the edge

you felt your soul rise you said
as your body was encompassed
by a brilliant white light

suddenly you laughed
as you remembered how it had warmed
your heart and your bones


not your time

I wondered again what it would be like
to be you
standing there
on the edge
balancing between life and death

but I knew it was not my time nor yours