• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 08

Not a sea creature

The irony of it all,
long held belief of mystical beauty,
a sacred treasure, subject of many a sailor's fantasy.
The search goes on to find the elusive...
Movies were made to exploit the legend.
Little girls dream of being me. But...
Are they serious?
I simply want to be normal like the other girls.
Without scales and gills, I'm not a freak but not human either.
I must be free to swim with my kind,
You would put me in a glass bubble to use me as an exhibit,
No, that is not who I am.
In the midst of my ugliness is the true beauty of who I am.
Look for me if this gives you joy,
but leave me to live as I was created, if only in the hearts and minds of the seaward soul.