• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 08
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Not Long Now

They can’t feel our nerves
clattering around like spoons and knives in pans
Not here, hidden away beneath the emerald lights
The echoes of trains in the distance;
The sound of hope
Our fingers clasp in the darkness of our shadows
We’ll keep each other safe
We’ve mastered rendering our expressions
We project a particular look;
Not guilty
Back in the past, our lives were our own
Not now
For a female to choose to abort and for a man to love another man
Would see us strung across Trafalgar Square
for the masses to watch
while hot metallic rain pummels pallid faces
We will be their lesson
There’s the clatter of wheels on the track
It’s coming round the bend
Our freedom lullaby
Palm to palm
Pulse to pulse
Not long now