• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 07

Not Long Ago

You sit on my lap painting rainbows with your eyes,
Leaking sugar clouds with your fingers.
I play an old lullaby
I thought I heard long ago.
The green fields behind us
Had always looked greener
A pretty house in the distance,
It was never ours.

Unaware of space and time,
I hold this moment,
like it could be forever…
A cloud between my fingers.

(Not long ago)

I brushed the waves of your hair,
Adorned them with stars.
I dressed you with summer flowers,
We picked from our garden.

Now every time you say goodbye
Like autumn clouds, disappearing behind the hilltops
I catch a last glimpse of your shadow.
Your eyes are dreamy
Your smile is full of anxiety.
I let go of your hands
Your shadow grows taller as you walk away.
Your name I call only in my dreams.


Not Long Ago

(I miss you
But you are happy
And that is all that matters to me.)