• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 03
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answers - that is what the Gods had promised
with their etched out Escher wood cut digits
darting insects in the puppet clouds overhead
and fanned out clarinets of black and gold

these Godzillas of superstition, they travelled
from one home to the next
over brittle lawns and hoses and beetles and the odd four leaf clover gathering in conversation

over tiny imprints of podgy toddler toes archived in the salty earth, pressed and certain and visible beneath the neighbour's dog and his bottom all wormy and wriggling

they moved
inside people's breath
through gentle mishaps and beds twisted with after party sex
twenty years ahead the shadow of what could have been dangling in the corner
around kitchens where families chatted 'toast for you, butter, jam and a touch of cyanide'
tanned teenage limbs wrapping around shoulders, heads collecting in baskets of generations, drifting slowly away one blue wren winking at the morning light, cage less, trapped in its freedom



they collected hearts as they swam above the sea buoyed by the constant what about mes
until they came to one child who called out to the world wordless

'jump off this noise filled track and swallow this velvet moment, make silence and be heard'

the earth, she is calling