• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 07

Nobody’s and free

I was brought to this land from far away when my mother was
an ovule in her mother’s womb, in her mother’s mother womb
in my great nana’s womb.
I was born in here when contraception was
A wound to manhood,
A robbing of the country of her future working heroes.

The unlucky lightning strike orphaned me, freed me
Of my daughter duties, of my sister of brothers duties,
Of my child labourer duties.
I am free from singing
this village’s traditions,
their religions,
their faith for me;
I am nobody’s but I am free.
I will build my own
Nature, village,
nation, race and people.

I will still be my sister’s sister
Until I am not.
Until she’ll start idealising them
In her memory bent by childhood amnesia,
Her longing raised by the forgetting of pains and locks.

I am nobody's by my owns.
There's no drama here.