• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 08

Noble Cats

Noble cats purr,
Swathed in fur.
We bow and serve,
As they deserve
Our utter adoration,
Complete consideration.

Regal cats ooze disdain,
Entitlement to reign
Etched in their DNA,
Was ever thus this way,
So ever more must be
Wealth in perpetuity.

Majestic cats will have cake,
Make no mistake,
And eat it all
While those who fall
Are just collateral damage,
Of no importance or advantage.

Illustrious cat schemes
Ensure their dreams
Come to fruition,
No need for attrition.
Pious immorality,
Sneers at reality.


Noble Cats

Contemptuous cats,
Like rats,
Abandon ship.
Top tip –
Insider trading,
Silver-spooned cradling.

Distinguished cats,
In top hats,
Seize opportunity!
Act with impunity!
Different rules apply
To those who die
Serving the rich.
Life’s a bitch.