• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 06
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No Ordinary Creature

“Mattie! We’re on expedition you’re supposed to be in camo!” Ferdi exclaimed in disgust as his pale, ginger topped friend appeared in x2 magnification amongst the ferns, complete with stripey shirt and bright red woolly scarf.

“Sorry, I didn’t want any creepy crawlies going down my neck, but now they’re all stuck to my scarf,” he cried, brushing them off hastily.

The January sunshine glimmering through though the dense foliage suddenly disappeared as a dark shadow fell across Ferdi and hot air blew uncomfortably through his tight curls.

“WHAT-Looks like they’re the least of your problems, Mattie. Who’s your orange friend?” whispered Mattie turning slowly and staring wide eyed at the grinning, towering statue of ruddy furriness displaying a disproportionately small and rather menacing orifice.

“Stop creeping up on me!” Mattie shouted taking a superhero stance.

Ferdi watched agog, as Matti proceeded to berate the creature who hung his head and retreated quietly into the wilderness where he belonged.

“You speak to him and he understands?” Ferdi asked slowly, with a new respect for his freckled friend.

“Yeah”, Mattie replied nonchalantly. “He’s just a bully, thinks he’s some big shot in this place. Apparently, he used to live in the jungle until he was fired for disturbing the peace and chucked out. He tries to push the other animals around and create a bit of hostility, but I don’t stand any nonsense. I’ve told him the forest is home to all manner of creature and that’s how the environment works best, so he’d better get used to it.”

“Aren’t you scared he’ll eat you?”


No Ordinary Creature

“His tastes aren’t that sophisticated,” Mattie laughed. “Besides, he knows if he behaves himself, I might bring him a Big Mac for elevenses. He seems to like that.”

“If I hadn’t seen him for myself, I’d swear you were faking it,” Ferdi whispered, peering behind him. “What kind of animal is he anyway?”

“Only God knows,” Mattie shrugged. “I just call him Donald.”