• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 09
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No justice

There is injustice in the world
no need to look to far-flung places
peep beneath the bundle of rags
in a corner of the spice market
there is injustice everywhere

developers develop
their own portfolios
their bank balances
and let the people slip between
the shifting banknotes.

Fire burns the slip-shod building
the young and talented
the old and infirm
the frightened children who slip
from the grasp of rescuers

though never the men
who turn away folding bills
and contracts putting on their shades
and slipping away discreetly
until the dust settles.

Close your eyes and dream
of the world that might have been
its birdwing colours sun on waves
and distant hilltops while we weep
and sweep up the ash of injustice.