• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 12
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Nirvana is shit

I meditated so much
that flowers grew out of my head
i thought
to be unaffected by the world is nirvana
and i cut every chord, squeezed every emotion till
I reached that benign neutral face.
What did i know really
that to meditate is to ponder on our collective suffering
it is the name of compassion so that
day to day emotions don't get us caught up
and we can together work on addressing greed and pride and ego
which is ruining the bounty we have
and so i denounced the nirvana of my earlier understanding when
i ended up suggesting to a poor kid that he should
meditate his poverty away
accept it
and he looked at me dumbfounded
and punched me in the face
alas, a bit of pain is what was needed for me
to connect with the suffering of my fellow being.