• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 08
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Nice Try Doyle

You had to admire the man’s commitment to creating a crazy stag night stunt. Of course that didn’t mean Ronnie Sinclair wasn’t going to beat his cousin Mick Doyle senseless for the inane situation he was now in- chained to a lamppost in the middle of Dublin on a clear August night. Ronnie sighed heavily as the stars in the sky above him formed the constellations lazily as though the world knew the soon to be wed Sinclair was heading nowhere so he may as well see the wonders of nature somewhat.

Grinning up at the Big Dipper, Sinclair mused aloud “It may be a beautiful night Doyle but…..I’m still gonna kill ya”. And somewhere in Finglas the decidedly “un-sober” Mick Doyle realised this and laughed heartily.