• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 05

News From My Ex-Husband

My ex-husband had his left hand surgically removed. I saw it sitting there on the dashboard. It was holding a cigar. Was that some kind of joke? He never smoked cigars when we were married.

I asked him why he did it. Last week when he delivered the kid, I asked him. He said because he couldn't care for it anymore, and he claimed that his doctor approved it. I wish he would have asked me. I would have told him not to do it.

But I think he regrets it now, having that hand removed. He made a list. With his right hand, he made a list of all the ways he's limited and all the things he took for granted back when he still had both hands. For real. He actually showed me the list. And I think he wants to have that hand reattached. He thinks he can do that.