• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 08

New History

"Humanity had failed," the juggernaut declared. Its language was in no way American, New French, or any of the dominant languages of the 22nd Century, but they could still understand.

"In what way?" The President swallowed.

"You decided you were free."

They were shepherded to Egypt and led to the pyramid. The full scope and unbelievable depth of humanity was present, billions crushed into the desert. Maniacs screamed in harmony with children, mothers and murderers pleaded for water and mercy. There was none.

As I stood among them, back sore and arms hanging, logic told me that our fate was clear. The lack of nutrition provided showed they cared little for our long term prospects, and the sting of the whips told me they cared little for our physical preservation. We were being led to our deaths.

There was a nightmare inside the pyramid. We queued up, one by one, to be mutilated, mutated, murdered. The first man I saw die was old and meek. The bones in his legs snapped as he stood, and he dropped quickly to his knees. The liquid they poured into him turned his raw screams into gurgled, drowning moans. His skin became something else, a thick, syrupy gold. He seemed to be sweating great masses of steaming liquid metal, which grew until they became too heavy, then collapsed into puddles where he had stood, seconds ago.

"You were put here to work. To feed her with your world. But you claimed these places as your own. Mocked us by filling them with your dead. You broke a pact and now, we break you."


New History

I shuffled forward as the next man took his turn to die, his unnatural, boiling remains collapsing into the pool now covering the ground.

The lady behind me tugged my sleeve, and pushed a note into my palm.

"Close your eyes," it said.