• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 04
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never thought I'd meet you again like this
as some kind of Robo cop –
recognise the eyes through the visor
it was always my browns on your blues
some tears in mine at times
never in your cool ice
I can see why you took this up
liked to dominate
though I wanted and craved that sometimes –
you don't speak
but I can cope with that
I stare yet you are not unkind
walk slowly towards me
almost like old times
when it was so easy to blank out the crowd
might throw my arms around you
though that could be seen as an assault
like an awful lot we did to each other
without this kind of restraint
yet you know I'll never back down
even when my back could be against a wall
you still don't speak and neither do I
don't think I'll see you again after this