• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 12
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Never Again

“Come in base, come in base, this is Foxtrot 95, come in…”
“Foxtrot 95, this is base, Foxtrot 95…”
“We found her, we found her…”

[On the ground]

I open my eyes to a blinding light. Shielding them, I turn over and slowly got to my knees. The sores on my wrists still visible against my skin, sand sticking to every inch of my body, my dress heavy with water torn all over, my whole body sore from the attempt, everything hurts.

'Did they see it? Did I get away? Please let them see it, please,' I think to myself.

Incoming waves lick my feet as I slowly crawl inland. Sand sticking to every inch, tears slowly drip down my face as I crawl and crawl from sea-soaked sands to sun-baked sands. My skin, raw from the salty waters, starts to burn as the hot sand stick to me.

'Please let them have seen it. Or just let me get away. Please just let me get away. Please…'

Already halfway towards the green grass ahead, I will myself to go faster. Everything hurts in the hot sand but I can’t stay here in the open, not here where they might see me if I haven't gotten away.

'Please let me have escaped. Please…'

I’m now no more than a few feet away from the grass, my nails starting to bleed, the sand sticking around them. In the distance, trees grows thicker as far as I could see.

'Yes, I can finally get some rest there.'


Never Again

A sound suddenly grows louder above me. As I turn my head, a dark shape descends.


I force my legs to move. The muscles give way immediately and I fall face first into the sand. Crawling up again, I do all I can to move and move. Palm sand, fingers claw, knees brushing on grass, slip rocks, piercing pain on my belly, I can feel more wetness on my fingers and now I can feel the shreds of skin on my knees growing longer with the rough way I move.


I don’t stop, I can’t stop, I can’t believe them. Hands grass, knees scrapping, falling down, dirt in mouth, not stopping, pain all over, can’t stop.

A shadow appears over me as a gentle hand clasps my shoulder.

“Elizabeth calm down, look at me, LOOK AT ME! YES, that’s it, relax, breathe, you got away. We saw your signal, you’re safe now, you’re safe now.”

Two more in orange vests crowd over me, opening packs of the same color, pulling out bags of liquid and bandages.

“You’re safe now Elly, you’re safe, that’s it, breathe. You’re safe. You’re home.”

As they start to treat my many wounds and my raging heart calms, I weep openly.