• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 03
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Never a Shower

My bath, my universe, my present, past and future
Relax, release, lie back in my time machine.  
The warm water wraps its welcoming arms around me
Drowsy and dozing, see ahead my condensation country
Where mirror mists miraculously part
To reveal magical mountains and fjords of delicate hue
In my bath world I see sister Susie transforming into a silky seal.
Upon my knee, my mermaid mother watches and protects me
Whilst ahead my ghostly Grandma sits, bidding me take care
And the rubber duck queen sees all.
I press my feet against the enamel, observing this bygone world,
Sibling in the middle, sharing baths
Sharing secrets and mystical make-believe.
Sundays, early evening, school tomorrow, fresh week
Soaped senseless over grubby knees, behind ears, back of necks.
Sensational stories told, and bubbles made rubbing palms together
Cupping at the fingers and heel of the hand.
Blowing gently as large drooping bubbles appeared
Burst with the dream time, until benignly we were lifted out
And pinkly dried, damp haired, human again, longing for bedtime
Soothed and soporific, ready for a new week to begin.
And now I luxuriate in my lone bath but I remember.