• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 11

Naxian diaries, 02.09.2023

Soother to a perplexed mind
Wearing the sea as its regalia
Its people as its crown jewels
For they don’t spare you with their words
The truth seems to reveal itself naturally
As the reflection of the crystal clear waters
On an early Autumn afternoon
With the children’s voices echoing
carving an own path
enclosed within the narrow passages of the Castle
A life devotedly worth living –
A realisation that never came easy to me –
A mother’s hand and embrace
Welling up my myopic eyes

I look up because the sky looks different from here
And the colours I observe and take in
as memories saved for a year of fear
Where concern and worry get the best of me
I reckon I become a bit more pleasant to be around –
hopefully –
a bit more relaxed
a bit less scared
Persuaded by a land whose history is so vast
With thousands of years of life and glory and sorrows,
Persevering against all odds
Against the strong winds.