• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 10
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1. Aim high. No, higher. Higher than those who belong. You will be judged by a higher standard.

2. Make a plan, work the plan. If that plan doesn’t work, make another plan. Then work it. Repeat as necessary.

3. Cultivate the network. Present yourself to the captains of industry, socialize with approved circles. Friends optional.

4. Dress for success. Not for what you can afford, or even for the job you have. For the job you want.

5. Pay your dues. Get your hands dirty, do whatever it takes to show willing to jump through those hoops. The higher, the better, over and over and over.

6. Grab every opportunity to showcase your talents. Step over whatever – whoever – for the chance to dazzle, shine.

7. Smile, nod, bow. Repeat.

8. blood sweat tears blood sweat tears blood sweat tears

9. Do the undesirables. Pick up what others won’t, touch those others won’t, serve those others won’t.

10. Be the undesirable. Fade into the brickwork. You are no longer welcome.