• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 05
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Natural History

In another life
You might be temporary paperweights
On a solid, messy desk – my desk
Cups half full of cold tea would be pushed aside
Along with notes for a paper
Napping Patterns of the Night Parrot

I’d know how to lift you
A stamp collector handling his stamps
I might send you to be done
(stuffed? taxed? I’d know that too)
Domestic Birds could use some fresh recruits

Would I be required to welcome all visitors equally?
I think my favourites would be the ones who stop here a while
Who scoot politely past the stegosaurids
To idle by the starlings

Anyway, I’ve no such desk
I’d only get the Latin wrong
And my inexpert hands irreparably ruffle
The feathers on your plump bellies

So I’ll admire you from afar
And that will do too.