• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 04
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Narrow aperture

The sky below
flipped overhead by angled lens, film, and f-stops.
Patterns and contrast compose a
world inverted on a skewed axis.
An upright woman thrown back by a trick of the light.
Warm light, flat areas, foreground, horizon et al., but not all
exist in landscape presented as portrait.

Navy to teal bounces off a puddle, with saxe (light blue with a greyish tinge) off white, orange, and grey oblong bricks.

A scene as simple as a woman waiting to
pick up her kids from school, for a bus, or for
so anything is inverted
first in reflection, then by refracted angles.

Blue sky plays tricks on the puddle
making it seem pure and clean.
Or maybe in this world, one really could
eat off the market square.