• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 08


Remember when we started?
We were so close
Fighting as one
People flocked to our banner
We fought
We won
We were unbeatable, unconquerable, invincible
More people came
We were so popular
We became the People’s Popular Front

Then came the whispers, the gossip, the innuendo
Rumour, fabrication, falsehood
Driving a wedge between us
Motes became beams
Molehills became mountains
The wedge widened, we became
Separated, detached, disconnected
I remained the People’s Popular Front
You became the Popular People’s Front
Narcissism they called it
The narcissism of small differences
United we were so strong
Divided, we became weak
Weak, irresolute and defeated

So, my sister, let us connect once more
Combine our strengths
Turn mountains back to molehills
Beams back to motes
Let us become once more
Unbeatable, unconquerable, invincible