• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 07

Mystery Adolescent

She was no young Frida Kahlo,
Uni-browed painter and proletariat
Labeled surrealist by her peers
Even though she hated it.
Thought instead she painted truth.

More likely Etruscan maiden
Born of plenty in Umbrian hills
Where mirrors held spiritual secrets
Feasts flowed with wine and trill
While musicians picked their lutes.

Perhaps an image of classical Vegoia
Goddess of divination on high,
Predictions found in sheep entrails,
Or, patterns of birds in flight
As predictions, road maps, proof.

She wears a necklace, clasped with amulet,
Innocence emanates from hopeful eyes,
Oblivious to the final outcome,
Annihilation, that in her future lies.
Symbol of humanity and of youth.

A people whose only remnants now
Are faded paintings inside tombs.
Eternal houses carved in hillside rock.
Like Egyptian pyramid dwelling rooms.
Underworld. Ancient image. Black noose.