• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 12
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My retro panel

Aye, I'll be there at ten.

So that was that, into the diary and now I had only to wait.

The smart panel of retro acrylic contained memes, logarithms and IT things!! In the bottom middle a rather special button if pressed would/could remove disagreeable scents! As we move up the panel [of multilayered colouring with foaming veneer] the possibilities are quite extraordinary. I had selected mine from a discreet catalogue downloaded from a website of empowerment and enchantment. So here we are, all multilayered [I've said this before] in foaming greens, shadowing, rippling, waxing and waning with tides of slow moving shadow forms. You may well ask, what's with it? Well, if I want to eliminate odious political ideologies there are number of stroking and touchy-feely things that I can do all over the upper stretches of this panel. With a single sweep of the hand I can distort a whole days reality.

At ten the engineer should arrive. I still need to decide where to place this nifty wee panel of enlightenment! Oh and do I select the voice activation mode? And where might this take us all?