• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 05
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My Purr

You were
whisked away
just a whisper
of you left.

The scent of you
lingering in cracks.
A mouse would have bumped into tiny morsels of you there.

Right there.
Easy to find.


I spent hours licking the wall
to soak up every drop of you that

Time passed

paint cracked.

Bad taste in my mouth.


My Purr

hours and hours
day and days
turned into years
of stillness.

No sweat off a cat's back


as I longed
I arched my back
so completely
stretching you out of every muscle
my cat's meow.

I re-found my purr.

Mmmm relief.

Little did I know that every movement has a reverse
what is arched will once again collapse back down and in

at every in-breath.

So life goes on. Days of arching.
Days of in-breaths.

What was true was sniffed out to be false.

Let's not do this for nine lives.
Let's not.