• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 07

My not so peaceful walk

It’s such a lovely spot, she said. Relax.
Just clear your mind and let it fill your soul.
It sounded good, but then she dumped her kid,
a snivelling little brat I couldn’t stand.
And then she left, and said she’d pick him up
at noon. And so we pattered off to this
idyllic spot to calm my troubled soul.


Well, here we are. D’you think I look serene?
A calm and restful pose? Epitome
of mindful meditation? Think again.
This ‘angel’ boy has brought that bloody squeezebox,
the corners of it digging in my thigh.
And every time I move, it gasps and squeaks.

A butterfly keeps flitting past my face
The grass is rough, and poking through my skirt
I’m pretty sure I felt a drop of rain,
and all around a faintly silage smell.

I came for peace, but this is what I got:
A wriggling boy, and squawking bloody crows.