• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 04
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My Jewels

Face 1  Excuse me, son,
            I need to get through
            To talk to the faces who hide behind you.

            I’m seeking my jewels,
            A lad and a girl.
            The “Disappeared” children in your political whirl.

Face 2  I’m sorry dear lady,
            I can’t let you through.
            The faces behind me won’t talk to you.

            Your children are dead.
            I buried them deep
            In quicklime. The stories they told me will keep.

Face 1  And what of your mother?
            Is she proud of you?
            That you buried my children? Of the skills you accrue?

Face 2  Old woman, you know
            My mother; she’s glad
            That her son is still living. What choice have we had?

            The faces behind me,
            Their countenance stone,
            Would slay me un-uniformed. I would too be unknown.

Face 1  So son, Tell me how
            We get rid of them,
            These wretches, these Nihilists. Who’s there to condemn?


My Jewels

            All the Great Nations?
            They’re selling us arms,
            They’re buying our fuel. They don’t heed our alarms.

            So, son, let me through,
            Let me walk to the guns
            To the men with no faces.

            Let me get my life done.