• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 11

my Father Plays a Tune

The sea seems to sway to the tune my father plays.
It echoes up high .. high up into the salty air,
I love the way everyone seems to be locked in a hypnotic musical stare.

The playing children at the oceans edge look at my father and smile,
They kick the waves and dodge the stones and toy with the frothy tide,
My heart grows full as I look at my father who has filled my heart with                                                                                                            pride,
I feel so lucky to be on this boat, but most by my father’s side.

There is an air of melancholies that seems to resonate,
The people smile, the people frown its emotionally innate.

I sit and and gaze around the boat as the seagulls sway and swoon,
I sit in total adoration as my father plays his tune.