• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 08


You fancied you would mean the world to me
because you were my first. You thought,
you will ingrain yourself into my DNA.

Love’s poison can pierce you deep
can flood your whole existence.
And at some point you meant the world to me.

But Narcissus could not foresay
life’s rain has more of gold to spill,
that would ingrain itself inside my DNA.

Narcissus dwelled in swelling vanity
and was devoured by his hubris,
fancying he means to the world to me.

Only I choose and decide who may
play the lead role in my cabaret
and what is allowed to be ingrained into my DNA.

As I travel on to face more storms,
in the end no trace is left of you.
With good and golden strands ingrained is my DNA
and only the world itself, means the world to me.