• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 08

My Cat King and Queen

In the kingdom of whiskers, where legends are spun,
There reigned a majestic couple, adored by everyone.
The Cat King and Cat Queen, regal in their grace,
Their realm awash with feline charm and embrace.

With coats of ebony, shimmering in moonlight's glow,
They ruled with prowess, a majestic tableau.
Their eyes, like emeralds, sparkled with wisdom's fire,
Guiding their subjects through the night's desire.

In the twilight hours, they prowled with stealth and grace,
Guarding their kingdom with fierce, protective embrace.
Their paws left imprints on the stardust floor,
As they danced in moonbeams, forever craving more.

The Cat King, with a crown of moonlit beams,
Silently led his feline realm through endless dreams.
His presence commanded respect, a noble guise,
Beneath his dignified poise, adventure sparked in his eyes.

The Cat Queen, a vision of elegance untamed,
Whiskers quivered as her subjects proclaimed,
Her graceful stride, like a moonlit ballet,
Inspiring all who beheld her royal display.

Together they reigned, a perfect feline pair,
Whispering secrets on the midnight air.
In their palace of shadows, they held court,
Weaving tales of enchantment, hearts filled with support.


My Cat King and Queen

From rooftop to rooftop, their kingdom stretched wide,
Where moonlit creatures would come to confide.
For the Cat King and Queen, justice was their creed,
Fairness and compassion sown like a mystical seed.

Yet beyond their majestic roles, love did reside,
In the whispers exchanged, in the hearts that confide.
A bond unbreakable, forged in the moon's glow,
Their love, a testament, forever destined to grow.

So, let us honor the Cat King and Cat Queen,
For their reign was legendary, a majestic scene.
In the annals of feline lore, their tale shall endure,
The regal rulers, their kingdom secure.