• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 08

My Big Fat Indian Wedding

Begin dance rehearsals
a month before the wedding.

Distract me.

The gold-plated invitations look exquisite.

His friends will be my friends.

Dangle the hand-embroidered lehnga skirt.

I will resign from work after marriage.

Showcase the jewellery from the
latest Bollywood movie—
the one that Queen Deepika wore.

His home is my home.

The Exotic Udaipur Hotel is
available for my wedding dates.

Graciously honour the life my
mother-in-law picks for me.

Intricate henna applied on my hands.
His name shines in dark red.

Thank God, my husband will love me.
I am a success story.


My Big Fat Indian Wedding

Your wedding will be the most
special day of your life.

Walking down the aisle in reality,
why do I want to throw up?

Notes: The letters of the husband’s name are carved in the henna design. It is said, the darker the henna, the more your husband will love you.