• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 12
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My Bag

I had a lifetime of projects,
that I carried round in a plastic bag.
A paper bag would have been better
but plastic is more durable.
And it needed to be.
It has had to last a lifetime,
my bag.

A lifetime of ideas,
doings and sayings
carefully annotated and stored
for use sometime later.
To be finished, or started
sometime later.

I can add an idea,
capture a thought,
write it down
and it would be
safe there
in my bag.

Soon I needed something bigger
thicker and stronger.
But then it became too heavy
my new bag.
Who would have thought
that dreams
could be so heavy.


My Bag

So now when I can no longer lift it
I ponder,
is my life empty
with everything inside
my bag.