• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 11

Musings by the Sea

It was a bright sunny morning, when the boat was ready to sail
Father squalled, and called out my name, asking me to reach without fail.
Its full father, with so many people on it, I exclaimed
Don’t bother, just sit down, I promise you won’t be maimed!

The sand on the shore, and the stones hurting my feet
Handed me a collection of shells so neat!
The girl next to me is trying to make way
Moving a little forward and ready for the sway!

The bucket in my hand
And the thrill in my eyes
All set to leave
This city full of spies!

Thousands of sailors have come together
Giving wings and not just feather
Wandering their hearts, chasing their dreams
Filled with hope and a fighting spirit it seems!

It’s going to be a bouncy way ahead
Rippling and riding over its head
In some hours, I’ll be at the other end of the world
So close to my desires, ready to be unfurled!

It happened all in a jiffy
Hoping it doesn’t get iffy! Coming so close to what I’ve always wanted
Just a little more effort, my heart said undaunted

You’re very close to your destination
Get ready for this incredible revelation
For giving up will leave nothing in your hand
So keep your head high and take your own stand!