• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 07

Musical Prayer

I laid the accordion down on my lap for safety. I didn’t want to destroy the keepsake of our mother. One of few things to remember her.  I held her hand and told her to crouch in, closely. I prayed the noise overhead would pass. I could feel my heartbeat in our hands. Blood rushing through. Pulsing. A joyous moment interrupted by the colors of the sky. The sky darkened. Black as coal. Her hand grasping mine. The boom or crash of something close. I wonder if anyone else saw or heard the boom or crash? Surely, Father. Surely, the animals, or the neighbors. The grass blew all around us, the wind catching under our clothes. Cold wind stinging my legs. We didn’t know if it was over. I didn’t know if it was time to open my eyes.