• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 05

Mr. Funny

Joseph drifted as his six-year-old granddaughter brushed and pinned his hair, a ritual every time she stayed over, but he didn’t mind because it relaxed him.

“Okay, Grandpa, look at how nice it looks,” Lucy said and handed him the Barbie Doll mirror.

He looked like a punk rocker with his silver and white hair sticking high up with hair pins. He chortled and handed Lucy the mirror.

“I have a surprise for you, now.”

“What is it, Grandpa?” Lucy asked.

“You’ll just have to wait.”

Joseph came out with something covered in a towel and Lucy looked dumbfounded.

“Go ahead, Lucy, take off the towel.”

Lucy removed the towel and screamed. “Grandpa, that’s disgusting! Why would you show me that?” She stepped back and covered her eyes.

The teeth clattered, and Joseph bent over laughing. “Lucy, Honey, they’re fake. They’re not real teeth. Here I’ll show you.” He grabbed a twig from his wife’s fake plant and put it between the teeth and they stopped clattering. He removed the twig and they began clattering again. “See, it’s a toy. I thought you’d find it funny.”


Mr. Funny

“Grandpa, you’re not funny,” Lucy said and stomped away.

Joseph took the clattering teeth into the kitchen.

“Hi, my beautiful wife, I have something to show you.”

And the teeth kept on clattering.