• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 04

Movement & the making of paper:

i. craft

                When you think
of the materiality of the thing,
really it’s smush. Mulch, that bonds
together in sticky mess b'tween thumb
and forefinger.
                A pasty clog, that you
feel will cast your hands solid, coating
the underside of
finger-nails, and cuticles.

                ii. orientation

Crackin- paper is as good as its fold

The body - too
- works as good
as its fold.
                Tough at the
edges, a shadow falling in
line along the crease. We
can’t quite tell
        today, what shapes


Movement & the making of paper:

What shapes can form
                                . Or-
ientation is hard to figure out
at those times when the mind is
not measured.

                without concentration

towers crumble