• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 05

Mouths Talk with Forked Twigs

Mouths are discredited - twig-like truths
line up and fall off their supporting branches
with alacrity – so lacking in strength.

Mouths are fallacious – uttering untruths
as quickly as they trip off the tongue
with insouciance – so plausible are their words.

Mouths are deceptive – saying one thing
and meaning the opposite harming
with speech – so cruel are their consonants.

Mouths are pitched open – their bark is
just as bad as their bite rough and coarse
with callousness – so vicious are their vowels.

Mouths are dominant – gasping for the air
of dialogue but unwilling to listen
with care – so disdainful of dissension.

Right-wing mouths - speak the platitudes
of isolation corrupting the truth mendaciously
with a red bus – so disingenuous its message.