• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 04
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Mourning Ms Pyrex

Let's give Ms Pyrex
something to remember
something to take home with
as she journey peacefully to yonder

Let's give her something
to look at and say
I was here

The grave indeed is a fine place to be
and I wish Mr Pyrex
had had enough money to call in a gold hearse
but drought visited his farm
and his wealth travelled with the wind

Let's give Ms Pyrex something
to remind her that her struggle to keep the house in order
was not in vain
as she goes straight to the throne of grace singing
glory unto the lamb

Let's give her something
to give her hope


Mourning Ms Pyrex


Ms Pyrex
Here is your man and seed
standing before me
in stern apparels
holding fast
to the pitchfork you last laboured with
in front of the Dibble House
never wanting to look
in the way the wind goes