• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 12
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Mother Nature Thoughts

Tired of feeling abandoned by her children, she decided one night to climb up to a cloud to think about her life. Once there, she saw her tiredness reflected in the moon. Her face, despite its deep wrinkles, still held an expression of youth and innocence. A gentle wind was blowing over the roofs, bouncing an echo of unintelligible words for humankind.

"Self-care," she said.

As soon as she mentioned those words, she fell into a deep sleep to the sound of churning water in a pond.

The next morning she started her meditation.

As she breathed, streams of clean water started to flow with intensity from her limbs, strengthening her arms and legs. The water washed away all impurities from her body. She chose a short dress and high boots, both the setting sun’s color, to cover her nudity. Suddenly tiny cacti popped up from her mind, decorating her hair as well as her thoughts. Finally, she painted her rejuvenated face in tribal style, using dried flowers from the previous spring.

That day, she understood that for harmonized growth, a good sense of self-care is always required. So she decided to trim her cacti to remind herself that she was the gardener and architect of her own life.

Later, an eagle who was flying around stopped by the cloud, astonished by her magnificence. "Mother Nature," the big bird said, "now that you're recovering, what's going to happen to all the human beings?"


Mother Nature Thoughts

"Many of my children are dying for my return," she replied. "Humanity has been stopped by a mysterious sickness. Quarantined in their homes, they need to rethink their path and heal their wounds as I did so that they can move forward in harmony with other beings when I return. Only in this way will they know who I am and learn their lesson."

"I hope so," rejoined the eagle, turning his gaze away to the roofs.