• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 09
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Mother, I Remember You

I remember

those milky, white orbs of wisdom that hold such power

closed and hidden beneath her shuttering eyelids

the world begins to slow and time itself stops

sinking beneath the overwhelming rush of silence

lips of motherly love that have whispered such ancient words

weathered skin as old as the forgotten hills

carrying the burden of the sky

that defined nose that speaks of honor and discipline,

whose soft, supple cheeks bear smiles of gold

head held high to the light that shines upon her

when she inhales all the tainted sins that pollute the air

the clouds suddenly fill the skies with their bountiful rain

that replenish the thirsty and wash away the scars of pain

the withered blackened trunks of trees

return to their kin and begin the cycle of life once again

and when she lets out that small, quiet breath of wonder

it echoes for miles, told to be heard from the gates of Heaven’s

Mother, I remember you