• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 05
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'What's with the vibrating cat?' I said, half-jesting, nose touching nose, its presence far heavier than its physical weight on my chest.

'She's studying you.'

'It watched us have sex last night - it was slightly off-putting,' I remarked, hoping he’d realise that this animal could potentially destroy our lovemaking and shoo the damned thing away. John laid on his back and smiled.

'She always does that.'

Sphinx-like she studied me with claws retracted; one paw on each of my shoulder blades. I resisting the urge to push it off; for John’s sake.

‘How long do I have to stay like this?' I protested, although not strongly enough, furious he hadn't even given me a morning kiss; I need that kind of confirmation. John sighed and extended his hand towards its back, the beast writhed under his fingers, buzzing. Fed up I attempted to move away, his hand moved from pleasuring the beast to my arm; in respectful restraint.

'No - don't move - she's making a decision that's all.'

I blinked angrily; my only defiance. She smelled faintly of cheap perfume and gently exhaled through her nostrils, her eyes unblinking. 'It was a wonderful night John. How about we...'

'Shsssh - just a couple more minutes.' Every part of me was outraged I allowed this thing to straddle me - that he was allowing an interruption to our intimacy, to our possible future; to marriage, house, kids… 'Mother, what is your decision?'



I turned my head towards him, the tears of disbelief never fell. I felt the needlepoint pressure of the claws; stinging points piercing my vulnerable skin.

'Get this fucking thing off me!' I screeched. Retracting her claws she stood up, towering over me, before jumping to the floor. John's eyes never left her.

'You can get dressed now,' he said coldly, covering his naked torso with the duvet. No words, just mind numbing outrage.

Self-consciously, I pulled on my knickers. John switched on the TV. Grabbing the rest of my clothes I half ran, half yanked on my jeans - the damned cat watched me from the stairs so I threw my boot at it. She didn't even flinch. I sidled past her, struggling with my boot on the way down; looking back I could’ve swore she was smiling.