• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 04
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Morning Meditation

I wake early, before even the cats have opened an eye to check on the possibilities of the day.
I throw on my cape over my nightshirt and bed socks and plonk my wide brimmed purple hat on my head.
People laugh at that hat, but it’s my greatest aid to mindfulness, the wide brim catches the air if I walk too quickly and the hat is pulled from my head.
The hat makes me slow down, makes me think about every step.
I don’t bother with boots, my socks are thick and I tread lightly, so my feet won’t get wet.
The sun is bright and the air is cold, but I notice none of this, I’m focused only on my breathing and the song in my head.
There is never silence, only the music, weaving the tune that accompanies my life.
Melodious now after years of discord.
I walk in harmony with the landscape.