• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 02
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Moon Complexion

The world divided, two-sided.
I'm in the center.
We all have the same blood.
one seen as the sinner.
Blessed, not denying I got privilege.
But you aren’t gonna get news, without coverage.
My skin used to be humiliation,
now they’re paying for this pigmentation.
This democracy works against the minority,
they never make people a priority.
Not fixing the system.
They’re protesting black lives matter,
trying to pity the victim.
Pick Red, or Blue, but never purple in the middle.
Always forced to pick sides, but in reality, we are looking in a mirror.
Focused on extremes, trying to rip the shirt, without breaking the seams.
Everything right in front, but people want to be selective with what they see.
Not enough action, too many words said,
pain in their veins, patience hanging on by a thread.
Weight of the world, eyes tired,
brick walls, barbed wire.
Same lines ingrained in their mind,
having to purge out the mass,
while paying tribute to what they left behind.
Laces, unique patterns,
describes the places, the paths that lead back to shadows.


Moon Complexion

Different dimensions, keep going in circles,
instead of trying different directions.
Moon complexion.
What's to come, what has been.
Invisible isn't an ending.